Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sorry I've been a pail of fail everyone!

Sorry I've been MIA for a few weeks. School started. I became a part time nanny. My entire sleeping pattern changed. It's been a little chaotic over here! None the less, its time for some catchup and mustard time. You all had that in elementary school right?? :) 

Lets talk college. Lets talk about my embarrassing second day of school.. I am almost 21 years old and still do the clumsy and embarrassing things you do in the second grade. I spilt balsamic vinaigrette all over my crotch while eating lunch in between classes. {Insert the applause and laughs here} I spilt the dressing which also took down some feta cheese and pine nuts with it into my lap. It was a really attractive scene down there. Cue me rushing to bathroom to splash myself with water in which it looks like I just peed myself to girls just entering the bathroom. Great. Follow that with me trying to get my stumps of legs to magically hoist me high enough to reach the blow of the dryer to my crotch. No such magic happened. Welcome back to school!

On a more serious note, I will be graduating within the next year and a half and I have no idea what I'm doing with my life or my degree. Yay. Game plan? Runaway to Europe until I find a rich hunky husband that can't speak English so I don't have to listen to him the rest of my life OR stay in school until there's actually jobs available for me to decide on having. Which would you choose?!

Nannying: the best birth control known to man. I won't be procreating until I can afford full time help. No exceptions. I really do adore the kids I care for but oh my goodness I want to know who puts quarters in these kids before I pick them up from school. My 8 year old pointed out, without hesitation, my zits and their exact location and proceeded to ask if I already regretted having a tattoo because I did that to my body. Sheesh.

Hope the new school year or change of season brings you lots of laughs! PS I promise I'll be putting up more pictures; I know I'm a slacker.

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