Thursday, August 11, 2011

She's so silly, sometimes I just wanna kiss her

Last night I had an impromptu girls' night with one of my best friends who's been spending her life on the other side of the planet (or the other side of Phoenix). Either way she's been too far to torture me at the gym  or feed me as is the usual routine. Counter productive? Eh, maybe. We're girls. Our satiety levels don't determine whether we eat or not! She came over with the intent of picking me and my nutrition homework up to go spend some time on the treadmill. Instead, we ate. She actually sneak attacked me with the food. Once we decided to eat pizza instead of sweating it out she said she was running downstairs to get her wallet and phone. 10 minutes later she's still MIA and as I'm about to call her since she's already ignored the "where are you text?!" message she waltz's through the door with rootbeer, frozen pizza and brownies!! Freakin' genius decides it's quicker for her to drive to Safeway and get the goods then us ordering. God I love her.

I feel how I met this lovely lady will provide a good moral of the story for the "that relationship with the douchebag was a waste of time" feeling.. I gained her amazing friendship through her brother whom I dated for over a year. Now, he's not a douche bag (most of the time) and it definitely wasn't a waste of time. Besides all the things I gained and learned from him, which I'll have to save for another blog, I gained a friend that I now consider to be a sister. (LA fitness thinks we're sisters, you're welcome for your discounted rate ;) ) She's introduced me to the most fabulous nail salon, Thai Elephant, the Christmas Idea House and we've had more laughs and cries than I could ever begin to thank her for. So if you've recently gone through a break up, take a look around and I bet you'll be able to find something or someone that you've gained from the relationship that you wouldn't trade for the world.

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