Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time flies when you're a college senior

True Life: I'm a terrible blogger. It's only October but I'm making my new years resolution now.. Blog at least 3 times a week! If everything goes according to plan I will be having lots to share anyhow :)

I AM GOING TO ITALY! Holy Ravioli. I finally did it. I will be studying in Florence, Italy January - May of 2012. It's my goal to blog in both Italian and English so hold me accountable okay! My mom keeps wishing a husband and babies on me upon my stay overseas. She's crazy. Maybe I'll get a tattoo instead.
Does anyone have camera recommendations? Nothing that screams 'tourist' too loudly but I want some legit shots.

Before I depart, I've got my fingers crossed for an internship with a modeling agency. I will for sure be dressing their models for shows through out the season and I'm really hoping our relationship grows from there! Its always a good feeling to walk into an interview with super sweet girls hugging you. Not too bad of an office environment if you ask me :)