Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welp, it finally happened.

I'm 99.46327% sure that my roommate's big, black boyfriend saw me naked today. Total accident, no big deal, but freakin' hilarious. The roomie and the bf left and I got naked to go run my shower water and as I'm about to hop in with the bathroom door still open the bf bursts through the door because they forgot something on the counter. My roommate and I honestly never wear clothes and the fact that this incident hasn't happened in the 5 months we've been living together is a miracle. When it's 112 degrees outside (and for those of you reading this that live outside of Phoenix, no I am not exaggerating, it's 112 outside) can you blame us for rockin' the birthday suits?! Don't think so.

I'd love to show you a picture of me and the roomie naked to add a visual for this story but this is not that kind of website :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Technologically Challenged. Or Retarded.

My mother. Oh, how we all love them and their...widsom? Hmm. We'll see about that. I will start by saying that after raising 4 kids, learning to play Wii with two grandkids and whipping two husbands into shape my mom graduated from Northern Arizona University with honors with a degree in Elementary Education.

Aren't they just so cute at that age?! 
P.S. ignore my nasty zit and mountain hair. 

Congrats momma, but lets get back to her wisdom in question. She texts me this morning while I'm at work and asks what time I get off and I respond with 2:30 - the time I get off work 90% of the time but I'll let her memory slide and nicely remind her. I hear nothing from mother until 11:15 am when she calls me. I may or may not have had my phone at the desk unlike the fabulous employee that I am so before I know it the computer tower sounds like a sex shop shelf. Whoops.

Answered the phone. Mother wants to know what I'm doing..because she has an extremely tempting offer for me to see Winnie the Pooh on the big screen. Confused by her genuine belief that I would sit and watch Pooh for 90 mins and the fact that she's calling before the stated, per her request, work release time. I explain I'm at work; she argues for 10 mins that I said that I got off at 11:10am and she can see it clear as day on her text message. I deem her bat-shit crazy and hang up...Check my phone to make sure I'm not genetically disposed to being bat-shit crazy as well and I'm safe. The text said 2:30. The text was sent at 11:10am. Mix-up resolved. Her sanity shot. This woman will be teaching your third graders this year, God help you all. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 101 List

About a month ago a co-worker of mine was talking about her 14 year-old-daughter and how good of a kid she is and how focused she is on school and softball. After silently praying that my teenage daughter comes out like that and not the spawn of my payback for my teenage years as my mom promises will happen to me I had to ask how she feels about boys. She tells me that her daughter and her friends had actually made a list of 101 things their future husbands must have (not being a terrorist was on there just to be on the safe side, people). My hamster wheel of a brain starts turning and before I know it I've got myself and 3 of my co-workers making their own 101 list!

I think its really a great tool for both girls and guys to genuinely think about what they want and see it in front of their eyes. Even if you're currently in a relationship, make the list and see if your present P.I.C. makes the cut. 

Here are a few from mine - hope it gives you a little insight to the girl behind the posts :)
7. He must grocery shop
14. Cute butt
15. Lets me be big spoon
18. Prefers to eat diner after 10pm
42. Knows how to order my Starbucks and my sandwiches 
85. Produces chubby babies 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gym Genius

After my joke of a day yesterday (see below) I decided to head to the gym for a late night sweat/study sesh. I'm a Design Management major but I'm taking Fundamentals of Nutrition over the summer to get the class out of my freakin' life.

I'm on the bike literally biking through what feels like a sea of peanut butter, sweating my butt off and trying to balance the atlas-sized text book for aforementioned stupid class and here comes a strange little man.. We'll call him Mr. Cleopatra. I'm not sure what he was even doing at the gym but I'm gonna guess the answer is not working out because his curly Egyptian locks were still perfectly intact.

He begins to talk to me and before I even comprehend what he was talking about he stops himself and asks "Well, first of all how are you?" Umm. Sweaty. You? He's great. He wants to go to med school and has deemed me his personal advisor in the matter. He begins to ask if I'm studying medicine, how I'm studying medicine, do I like it, etc. Thinking to myself, "This isn't Halloween, I'm not wearing my naughty nurse's costume why the hell is he asking me this??" Then I remembered the Nutrition Atlas. I try explaining that I'm not in med school its just one class for a design degree and he argues that I am indeed studying med school (yes, apparently you can study a whole school) and I realize that I'm not going to win this argument so I simply tell him to Google it. Good night.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Madness

Oh, Monday. How we meet again so soon. This Monday has been full of mixed up madness for me. First off all, a great friend of mine surprised me with tickets to the Diamondbacks game tonight. Super sweet right!? Welp, unfortunately I had plans already. Fail. At least I already plans for a fun evening, but oh wait, those fell through. Already feeling defeated, I came home to find that I had been locked out my house... really Monday, really?

I sincerely hope the start to your week was a little sweeter than mine!

On a happy note, the madness led me to a great conversation with big sister Kate. She let me vent, gave just enough push of direction and above everything encouragement to just take a time out and enjoy the things that make me happy. La la love you Kate! xo

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hey there pretty girls!

Welcome everyone and thanks for checking out my blog! I started Taking on your Twenties when my girlfriends and I started saying aloud to each other 3x week or more "this is my life" as we crammed for exams, lost our car keys in the span of .3274728 seconds of being in the front door or griped about our boyfriends (or lack thereof) and their sheer idiocy* at times. I'll be sharing my stories, theories and secrets with all of you on everything and anything that could possibly lead to that chapter in your life you call your twenties and I hope you share with me in return!

*Lets be real, it's not really their fault. God gave them two heads and only enough blood to fill one at a time. Boys, you are forgiven.