Monday, July 25, 2011

Technologically Challenged. Or Retarded.

My mother. Oh, how we all love them and their...widsom? Hmm. We'll see about that. I will start by saying that after raising 4 kids, learning to play Wii with two grandkids and whipping two husbands into shape my mom graduated from Northern Arizona University with honors with a degree in Elementary Education.

Aren't they just so cute at that age?! 
P.S. ignore my nasty zit and mountain hair. 

Congrats momma, but lets get back to her wisdom in question. She texts me this morning while I'm at work and asks what time I get off and I respond with 2:30 - the time I get off work 90% of the time but I'll let her memory slide and nicely remind her. I hear nothing from mother until 11:15 am when she calls me. I may or may not have had my phone at the desk unlike the fabulous employee that I am so before I know it the computer tower sounds like a sex shop shelf. Whoops.

Answered the phone. Mother wants to know what I'm doing..because she has an extremely tempting offer for me to see Winnie the Pooh on the big screen. Confused by her genuine belief that I would sit and watch Pooh for 90 mins and the fact that she's calling before the stated, per her request, work release time. I explain I'm at work; she argues for 10 mins that I said that I got off at 11:10am and she can see it clear as day on her text message. I deem her bat-shit crazy and hang up...Check my phone to make sure I'm not genetically disposed to being bat-shit crazy as well and I'm safe. The text said 2:30. The text was sent at 11:10am. Mix-up resolved. Her sanity shot. This woman will be teaching your third graders this year, God help you all. 

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