Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 101 List

About a month ago a co-worker of mine was talking about her 14 year-old-daughter and how good of a kid she is and how focused she is on school and softball. After silently praying that my teenage daughter comes out like that and not the spawn of my payback for my teenage years as my mom promises will happen to me I had to ask how she feels about boys. She tells me that her daughter and her friends had actually made a list of 101 things their future husbands must have (not being a terrorist was on there just to be on the safe side, people). My hamster wheel of a brain starts turning and before I know it I've got myself and 3 of my co-workers making their own 101 list!

I think its really a great tool for both girls and guys to genuinely think about what they want and see it in front of their eyes. Even if you're currently in a relationship, make the list and see if your present P.I.C. makes the cut. 

Here are a few from mine - hope it gives you a little insight to the girl behind the posts :)
7. He must grocery shop
14. Cute butt
15. Lets me be big spoon
18. Prefers to eat diner after 10pm
42. Knows how to order my Starbucks and my sandwiches 
85. Produces chubby babies 

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