Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gym Genius

After my joke of a day yesterday (see below) I decided to head to the gym for a late night sweat/study sesh. I'm a Design Management major but I'm taking Fundamentals of Nutrition over the summer to get the class out of my freakin' life.

I'm on the bike literally biking through what feels like a sea of peanut butter, sweating my butt off and trying to balance the atlas-sized text book for aforementioned stupid class and here comes a strange little man.. We'll call him Mr. Cleopatra. I'm not sure what he was even doing at the gym but I'm gonna guess the answer is not working out because his curly Egyptian locks were still perfectly intact.

He begins to talk to me and before I even comprehend what he was talking about he stops himself and asks "Well, first of all how are you?" Umm. Sweaty. You? He's great. He wants to go to med school and has deemed me his personal advisor in the matter. He begins to ask if I'm studying medicine, how I'm studying medicine, do I like it, etc. Thinking to myself, "This isn't Halloween, I'm not wearing my naughty nurse's costume why the hell is he asking me this??" Then I remembered the Nutrition Atlas. I try explaining that I'm not in med school its just one class for a design degree and he argues that I am indeed studying med school (yes, apparently you can study a whole school) and I realize that I'm not going to win this argument so I simply tell him to Google it. Good night.

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