Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Madness

Oh, Monday. How we meet again so soon. This Monday has been full of mixed up madness for me. First off all, a great friend of mine surprised me with tickets to the Diamondbacks game tonight. Super sweet right!? Welp, unfortunately I had plans already. Fail. At least I already plans for a fun evening, but oh wait, those fell through. Already feeling defeated, I came home to find that I had been locked out my house... really Monday, really?

I sincerely hope the start to your week was a little sweeter than mine!

On a happy note, the madness led me to a great conversation with big sister Kate. She let me vent, gave just enough push of direction and above everything encouragement to just take a time out and enjoy the things that make me happy. La la love you Kate! xo

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